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Our Diving Center Marsa Alam Divers offer a comprehensive range of diving courses for divers of all levels. Beginners wishing to ‘Learn to Dive’ can choose from a number of options, whilst qualified divers can develop their skills on a variety of Advanced or Technical Diving courses.


Our Diving Center Marsa Alam Divers offer full range of programs for daily diving. Diving possible from Shore, Zodiac and Boat, We make special trips to Elphinstone, Shaab Sharm and Dolphin House.



The coastline of the region around Marsa Alam offers a number of sheltered bays and some incredibly scenic fringing reefs. It is possible to learn to dive in Marsa Alam and the shore diving on offer is often particularly suited to novice divers. However, to take full advantage of the stunning dives available here it is recommended to be an advanced diver with some experience.


Diving in Marsa Alam is truly world-class diving that combines the best aspects of shore and boat diving. The coastal reefs are stunning with impressive hard and soft corals, elaborate topography and an amazing abundance and variety of colorful fish.

Shore divers visit Marsa Abu Dabab, wishing to catch a glimpse of the resident Dugong feeding on the sea grass found in the middle of the bay. Even without seeing Dennis, there are a lot enough here to satisfy most divers wanting a relaxing shore dive with plenty to see. The reefs are beautiful and packed with marine life, whilst this site is also well known for its regular sightings of guitar sharks, and turtles.

To take advantage of the best this area has to offer, day trips are organized to outer sites. The dramatic walls and drop-offs of Elphinstone Reef are the making of a spectacular dive. The walls of this great finger-like reef plunge steeply into the blue, richly decorated with soft corals, sponges, gorgonians and fans. Sharks often swim by the spot to feed on the abundant reef fish population.

A trip to Shaab Samadai or Dolphin House is another absolute must. A large, horseshoe-shaped reef creates a shallow, turquoise lagoon that is frequented by a pod of around 60 spinner dolphins. The diving here typically takes place between 10-15 meters on the southwest tip of the main reef. There is a fantastic network of caves and tunnels and a carpet of sea grass, favored habitat of moray eels, leopard groupers, goatfish, lionfish, masked butterfly fish and many more.